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I’m fan club representative.

Users who applies from the global page of Interpark, You cannot type in your personal information through the Interpark.

So, we will inform you about Naver Fancafe level up.

After checking the following, please according to the application form.


  1. Application period : ~ April 17 (SUN) PM 11:59
  2. Application Form

  • Title : CROSS GENE fan cafe leveled up additional application.

  • Contents : Name / Birth / Interpark reservation number / NAVER Fan cafe ID / Interpark [My page] image capture.

                            EX) CROSS GENE / 120607 / T0641144390 / crossgene_fan


  • Precautions

  1. Will apply to those who join 'CandY 1st' on INTERPARK.
  2. Customers who subscribe to other people who are not your people, and receive Instant Confirmation leveled up the application with your affiliate ID information.
  3. In the case of full membership, priority will be given authorized public broadcasting application.
  4. We have leveled up as those who gave the order apply.
  5. Even if the application form has no problem, If you do fit the provisions nickname will not be leveled up. After you've leveled up before you apply for a regulation setting the fan cafe nickname, Please apply. Change the nickname leveled up after you are reprocessed relegation.

      6. Application mail is deleted immediately after completion leveled up.